How to merge 2 Facebook Pages ?

Sometime we have 2 Facebook pages for the same purpose and with same name. And we do effort on both but not able to succeed. Then we decide, why waste energy on 2 pages for one purpose. So, lets merge it together.

Condition of page merge below –

  1. You should be the admin of both the pages
  2. Both pages should have similar names and similar purpose
  3. Local  address should be same for both the pages


  1. Visit the Facebook Request to Merge Duplicate Pages page:
  2. Choose both pages and click on continue .fb-merge

If Facebook says, unable to merge your Pages, it means that your pages re not eligible for merge. Make both page identical so that  you can try again.

When merge successful, All pages likes will be merge but all other things like post, reviews etc will  be deleted.

Please ask in comment for any help or suggestion.

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