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What is a SEO or Search Engine optimization?

SEO abbreviates Search engine optimization, a process or strategy of getting traffic from the search engines for a website. SEO organically drives traffic and increase visitor count for a web page or website. Website gets traffic from the top rankings of SERP’s for all major search engines like Google, yahoo etc. SEO helps in making top ranking for a website by keywords.

SEO is best practice to increase the website traffic because user search something in search engine and gets result as SERP i.e. Search Engine Result Page and mostly clicks top ranking results. Top ranking websites gets more visits then low rankings websites. SEO is organic way to increase website traffic because its natural process for rankings as per search engine algorithms. One should know about search engine working to implement SEO on website for organic rankings.

If you are still confused with organic results, let me explain- when any user search something like – any key phrases “sports center in India” then search engine for eg. Google show a list of result i.e SERP are organic results.

Please see below image –

In image you can see organic and inorganic (Paid) results. One need to perform SEO for long-time high traffic on a website.

seo organic results and SERP

SEO is categorized in On page and Off page SEO.

what is On Page SEO ?

What i s Off Page SEO ?


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