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How to make money online?

The term How to make money attracts everyone.  Everyone wants to earn money as fast as possible. Money is the basic need to fulfill for any requirement. So, today i am going to share some ways to earn money online.

Yes, Online means you need a internet connection and should have basic knowledge of internet.  I am going to tell you all clean way to earn money online. Everyone have unique skills like writing, photography, singing, music, dancing etc. Yes, i say dancing, if you are a good dancer you can earn good amount online by uploading your dance videos on YouTube. You can use any of your skills to earn a decent income while working online. People usually don’t know about how to earn online and they used to waste their time online in various activities. Most of the housewives, students always in search – how to make money online but they don’t know there are many resources available over internet to make money. So, lets see the various ways to earn money online.

Please keep in mind that every work need hard work and dedication. So initially don’t give up if you are really serious about money make online. Never think about big money initially, keep growing slowly with your hard work.


So, here are the easiest ways but need hard work and dedication –

1 – Blogging –  If you are a good writer then you can be a good blogger but good knowledge of any topic is must. I am also a blogger , it is the hot job to make money online. You need to choose any topic that relate to you and you have excellent command over it. Like if you are a good technical person then you can start a tech blog, if you like to travel then you can start a travel blog, a photography blog for photographer, food recipes blogs for foodie, gadgets blogs if you are fond of gadgets. You can use ads network like Google ad sense, chitika etc to earn money. Or you can sell space for direct advertisement if your blog is getting good amount of traffic. Google ad sense can make for you thousand of dollars if your blog receives high traffic. Many bloggers earning and living on Google adsense earning.

But its not easy task to earn from blog. A decent traffic is required. Good command over English and SEO knowledge is required.  And never copy paste from others blog.

2- Teach Online-  It’s possible now. You can teach online anything. There are various online academy running like udemy, khan academy,  code academy, techcodeonline etc.  You can also start your online academy by using your own website. You can also create  your lessons videos and  paid subscribers can get access to your videos. These days virtual classrooms and online teaching is common trend. E learning is million dollar business now. You can also register yourself in any online learning academy as a teacher with their norm .

3 –Online Surveys –  There are various online surveys website running like mysurvey, surveymonkey ,ipoll etc. These survey companies paid money to user for doing surveys for many client products and services. Research companies organize surveys for new product and services from big corporate and paid to users who participate in online surveys. This is good for students to earn money in spare time.

4 – Affiliate  marketing – To be an affiliate marketer, one should have a website or blog with high amount of traffic.  You can earn money by promoting  big companies brands and earn commissions on them. There are several eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ebay sells different items on their platform and run a service called affiliate program. By using affiliate program, we advertises their website products and for every sell we get commissions.  Amazon Associates works world wide.  Besides these you can find thousands of affiliate program, just search in your blog niche and become affiliate to earn money online.


5 – Data Entry- If you are  good in computer typing, copy , paste work then you can find data entry work from many freelance websites. Many companies also offer data entry work for part time basis.

6 – Freelance Work – If you are good in design, web development, programming, internet marketing, seo then you can try freelance websites like, , odesk, youthforwork etc. You can make a decent amount of money by doing small and simple tasks.

7 – You tube videos – You tube is also a way to earn money online. People loves to see videos online and explore YouTube in their spare time. If  you are good in singing, dancing, painting etc then you can make your dance, song etc videos and can upload on YouTube. You can make a YouTube channel for your videos  If peoples loves your videos , they will visit your channel on you tube and will subscribed it. More visits means more money by monetize your Youtube videos.

8-  Guest writer – Guest writing is very popular in blogging world. But you should be very good in writing and should have deep knowledge of various topics. You can get a decent amount if you write  for a reputed blog. Usually, Guest writers are early bloggers who works as a guest bloggers to learn and earn.

9 – Sell music- if you are good in music then you can create your own music and can sell it online on iTunes.

10 – Sell photos online– A good photographer can sell photos online. There are various website who sell photos online like iStock, Smugmug etc . You can copyright your photographs and can get decent amount. You can also open a website to sell all your collections.

There are more various ways to earn money online. I will try to collect more different ways to earn money online. I will come up with some moneymaking websites soon. Please write in comments how everyone is  making money online.

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