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CSS Text Decoration Property

CSS text property is used to add decoration to text. It is different from text font, color etc.

CSS text decoration property supports 5 values –

  1. none, which removes any decoration
  2. underline, which draws a 1px line across the text at the baseline
  3. line-through, which draws a 1px line across the text at the text’s “middle” point
  4. overline, which draws a 1px line across the text at the text’s “top” point
  5. blink, a much-maligned property that causes the text to flash, alternating between 0 and 100% opacity


Some other text decoration properties and effect in the following table – 


text-decoration Overline p{ text-decoration: overline; } Gives text with overline
text-decoration Underline p{ text-decoration: underline; } Gives text with underline
text-decoration None p{ text-decoration: none; } Gives text with nolines
text-indent px p{ text-indent: 30px; } Gives text with a 30px indent
text-indent % p{ text-indent: 30%; } Gives text with a 30% indent
text-align right p{ text-align: right; } Right-aligns text
text-align Left p{ text-align: left; } Left-aligns text
text-align justify p{ text-align: justify; } Justifies text
text-transform capitalize p{ text-transform: capitalize; } Gives text in capitals
text-transform uppercase p{ text-transform: uppercase; } Gives text in uppercase
text-transform lowercase p{ text-transform: lowercase; } Gives text in lowercase
word-spacing Px p{ word-spacing: 10px; } Gives a wordspacing of 10px
letter-spacing Px p{ letter-spacing: 3 px; } Gives a wordspacing of 3px

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